DC/DC converter platform for systems up to 800 V

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DC/DC converter platform for high voltage:
The DDC400_HV is a bi-directional DC/DC converter platform from which to build solutions for multiple on-board vehicle and battery or hydrogen cell power management applications. The base design has a power rating of 1kW with a power density of 3kW/kg and 1kW/L. The converter features CAN communication. In addition, EPowerlabs includes tools for easy calibration and integration.
Main Features
  • HV range: 50 – 900 Vdc
  • LV range: Max ratio boost 1:25. <95% x Vhv
  • Nominal Current: +/- 310A (LV)
  • Continuous Power: 150 kW
  • Paralellizing capability for power increase
  • Global efficiency: > 96%
  • Protection through current limitation
  • Voltage, current or power selection
  • Redundancy functions implemented
  • Sensor calibration functionalities.
  • 1 x CAN 2.0
Functionalities for integration:

– Integration with DeveLINK STUDIO

– Automotive grade components

– GaN technology inside

– 1 x CAN2.0

– Auto protección functionalities

Media content
Interfaz de usuario con DeveLINK Studio:

DeveLinkSTUDIO is a proprietary tool that streamlines embedded software development processes. It can be applied in initial phases as well as in diagnosis, analysis and calibration of embedded software. This versatile tool allows both high-frequency and continuous signal capture, and is prepared for communications with USB, CAN, ETHERNET and UART/RS232 protocols.

DeveLinkSTUDIO shortens software calibration times and is compatible with all EPowerlabs hardware developments.

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