150kW continuous power in just 4.8kg
The E8150 is an automotive traction inverter designed to meet ISO26262 standards. It has just 4.8kg of weight and 4L of size. The inverter performs up to 99% efficiency ratings and uses EPowerlabs proprietary VarioSwitchTM as the main control software to excel motor efficiency performance.
Main Features
  • Controls any type of permanent-magnet, reluctance-assisted or not, synchronous machine.
  • Nominal voltage range: 48-800V 
  • Over Voltage protection: 826V
  • Rated Current: 250 Arms
  • Switching Frequency: 2-15 kHz
  • Low Voltage supply: 9-28 V
  • Position sensor: Resolver, Absolut Encoder, Incremental Encoder, XMR, BiSS, Sensorless
  • Temperature sensor: NTC10k, PT1000. Can be configured for other sensors upon request. 
  • Weight: 4,8 kg
  • Dimensions: 366 x 207 x 62
  • Features the Triple core Infineon Aurix second generation with 300Mhz capacity.
  • MISRA C compliant
  • EVITA HSM ready
  • LV supply redundancy available under request for ASIL-D rating
Advanced Functionalities

Integration with DeveLinkSTUDIO

Real time calibration

Field Oriented Control (FOC)

Redundancy functions

Optimal Field weakening control

Sensor Auto calibration

Active Short Circuit

Variable switching frequency

Advanced EMI suppression

User interface with DeveLinkSTUDIO

DeveLinkSTUDIO is a proprietary tool that streamlines embedded software development processes. It can be applied in initial phases as well as in diagnosis, analysis and calibration of embedded software. This versatile tool allows both high-frequency and continuous signal capture, and is prepared for communications with USB, CAN, ETHERNET and UART/RS232 protocols.
DeveLinkSTUDIO shortens software calibration times and is compatible with all EPowerlabs hardware developments.

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