High Voltage RESS management system

The modularity of this platform allows it to be used in applications up to 1000V and in parallel battery applications. The BMS consists of BMU (Battery Monitoring Unit) modules, responsible for monitoring the temperature and voltage of the cells and a BMC (Battery Management Controller) that interprets, evaluates and acts on the information received by the BMU. The BMS has been designed to meet high safety standards and increase battery performance and durability through advanced SOx diagnostic algorithms.
Main Features
  • Cell chemistry agnostic
  • BMC controls up to 63 BMU. Each BMU monitors from 7 to 16 cells
  • Adaptable to single board for LV systems
  • Integrated Battery Insulation monitoring (up to 10 MOhm)
  • 3 Isolated battery voltage analog measurements 
  • Shunt (isolated) and Hall battery current sensor reading
  • 4 configurable temperature sensor inputs for battery pack (BMC). Up to 16 temperature sensor inputs for cell monitoring (BMU)
  • Controls 4 contactors of 1A rated (9A peak) 
  • HV interlock mechanism
  • 4 CAN-FD connections with adjustable baud rate
    • 1 Vehicle with wake up
    • 1 Debug (DeveLinkSTUDIO)
    • 2 Auxiliary (additional sensors)
  • Sleep mode enabling low power consumption
  • SoC, SoP, SoH battery diagnostics algorithms
  • Error log for failure cause analysis and safe system recovery. Micro SD card available.
  • Passive cell balancing (300mA)
  • ASIL-D certified microcontroller for ISO26262 requirements
Additional Functionalities to facilitate integration

Configuration, calibration, and software upgrade support with DeveLinkSTUDIO

1 Debug USB (same DeveLinkSTUDIO functionality)

4 Auxiliary digital Input/Output

Configurable CAN Database

4 CAN-FD inputs available to enable parallelising batteries

Integrated Battery isolation monitoring

System error log for failure cause analysis

Predictive SoH at battery level through Machine Learning Analysis

User interface with DeveLINK Studio

DeveLinkSTUDIO is a proprietary tool that streamlines embedded software development processes. It can be applied in initial phases as well as in diagnosis, analysis and calibration of embedded software. This versatile tool allows both high-frequency and continuous signal capture, and is prepared for communications with USB, CAN, ETHERNET and UART/RS232 protocols.
DeveLinkSTUDIO shortens software calibration times and is compatible with all EPowerlabs hardware developments.

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