State-of-the-art test center

For electric mobility and energy management applications.

Our testing capabilities are located in MUBIL

Mubil is a public institution of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council whose investment in collaboration with the Cidetec Technology Center has allowed the construction of the first testing center for electric mobility technologies.

The testing center is located 20 km from San Sebastián (Spain) and just 40 km from the border with France.

EPowerlabs operates and offers testing services to test and validate traction and power systems such as electric motors, power converters, traction inverters or batteries.

The facilities have state-of-the-art technology and equipment that allow standardized durability tests, climatic tests, calibrations, altitude tests and vibrations to be carried out.

Case of success

“In 1 day we have advanced what in our facilities costs us 3 days. Your methodology and automated tests allow us to advance faster”. – Project Manager, Tier 1 – Defense Sector.

EPowerlabs provides customized testing services established by the client, accompanying them in the execution and contributing our know-how to solve problems with agility. Our own testing procedures allow us to calibrate and optimize traction, power and energy management systems, maximizing their durability and efficiency in the applications of use.

Electric traction – durability test:

    • Accelerated durability test with climatic chamber.
    • Durability and stability in cycles (i.e. WLTP)

Electric traction – characterization test:

    • Characteristic curves of electric machine
    • Motor-inverter efficiency maps
    • Obtaining MTPA/MTPV values

Power electronics:

    • Power tests up to 100kWs
    • Power tests with climatic chamber
    • Efficiency maps.
    • Control calibration.

Batteries and storage systems:

    • Module cycling test in climatic conditions
    • altitude test
    • Temperature and humidity cycles of battery packs.
    • Cell characterization assays
    • Vibration tests for modules and battery packs.


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