Power electronics

Epowerlabs provides end to end engineering services independently or with the support of technology partners, offering DVP&R and RCA programs for the main electric traction components, such as inverters, DC/DC, BMS, eDrives, OBC’s, xCU’s. , and others.

Our specialty is in assisting in power electronics developments. Whether to help with the next challenges of semiconductor converters or in new generation technology developments, EPowerlabs has state of the art measurement equipment with high precision voltage and current probes and subsequent signal conditioning.

Wide range of tests, due to the high flexibility of the hardware configuration:

  • Calibration tests
  • Test of performance
  • Verification tests

Technical capabilities of the Test Bench:

250kW battery emulator

  • Voltage range up to 1000V
  • Different control modes available

AVL XIon Power Analyzer

Climatic chamber

  • Temperature range from -40°C to +150°C

Bidirectional and regenerative electronic power/loads

  • Power up to 100kW
  • 4Q working principle
  • DC mode up to 800V
  • AC mode

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