Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology

29 January 2021

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technology has gained much attention lately. Europe´s strategic decision to promote hydrogen as a key lever for the forthcoming energy transition has set the focus of the media and the industry within the whole value chain from production to its consumption.

In our first Market Insight Report we aimed to share with the community some recent news in the industry. We summarize some key take aways and reflections on how the industry can collaborate and pursue a transition to a more sustainable mobility.

Fuel Cell, BEV and hybrid architectures share many power electronics components which still can improve in many levers like power density, efficiency, performance or heat management. Developing edge power electronics will be a key enabler to accelerate transition to sustainable mobility.

EPowerlabs develops power electronics for demanding applications such as electric mobility. Our aim is to help industry players accelerate product development in both road and off-road / industrial applications.

Hope you find the information inspiring!