Modular Development Toolkit Family

9 January 2021

We are glad to present our new digital platform!

The new member of our modular DEVElopment toolkit family. Compact and tiny but powerful ⚡⚡⚡

The DP TC275 is a control development board featuring the Infineon TC275 microcontroller, one of the most extended solution and advanced technology for control applications in mobility industry.

Control software is one of the most complex steps within the development of an electric powertrain. Developing an effective control strategy can provide an advantage to the whole drivetrain system performance.

With this device we can help our clients develop control engineering reducing development time and swiftly to come up with reliable solutions. Besides, we have embedded the functionality of using DeveLinkSTUDIO to easily calibrate, auto-tune or debug the control software.

Are you interested in learning more on this device or control engineering? Contact us through LinkedIn or send us a request to