Petronor and EPowerlabs sign agreement to analyze and develop hydrogen-related technologies

30 September 2021

Petronor and EPowerlabs have signed an agreement to work together in the analysis and development of technologies related to hydrogen for mobility. Both parties have set as an objective the identification of other companies or partners related to the development of hydrogen applications for mobility.

Petronor and Powerlabs’ agreement allows Petronor to deepen its commitment to the European Green Deal.

EPowelabs is a power electronics engineering company with solutions for the electric mobility and distributed energy generation sector.

Thanks to the agreement, EPowerlabs will collaborate with Petronor as a technical advisor in areas where the company requires its support. Among them:

The Basque Hydrogen Corridor (BH2C). We talked about it a short time ago. We said that it groups 58 companies, 8 institutions and more than 12 knowledge centers and employers’ associations. It was created with the aim of focusing on hydrogen as an energy vector for the future and a key element for the energy transition. The Repsol group, through its Basque subsidiary Petronor, is in charge of leading this project in which companies from all sectors participate.
Fuel cell technology analysis Initiatives related to the development of hydrogen technologies.