Technology to boost your processes

Committed to the best quality and service in every project. EPowerlabs has developed a set of software tools and digital platforms that minimize the technological gap and are currently being used successfully in projects such as the development of 150kW inverters with automotive specifications.

E-mobility software


DeveLinkSTUDIO is a proprietary tool that speeds up embedded software development processes. It can be applied both in initial phases and in diagnosis, analysis and calibration of embedded software. This versatile tool allows both high frequency and continuous signal capture, and it is prepared for USB, CAN, ETHERNET and UART/RS232 communication protocols.

DeveLinkSTUDIO shortens software development times by reducing the product and/or software maturity process, and it is an application compatible with all Epowerlabs hardware developments and can be integrated into third party applications.


EPowerlabs has developed a variety of embedded hardware to meet the specific needs of each project. From small motor control units for bicycles and mopeds in different power ranges, to developments for automotive industry inverters up to 150kW.

As a result of this work, EPowerlabs has created a modular control platform that can be implemented in any type of application – XCU: BMS, VCU, Inverter, ECU, etc. The platform is equipped with a great versatility for its integration in third party configurations, being able to vary both the design and the selection of the main components.