Powertrain Integration Services

Digital powertrain design

  • Powertrain and component sizing tailored to vehicle use case definition in multiple scenarios (routes, target consumption, target cost, range, etc)
  • Improvement of powertrain system component selection
  • Digital twin development for vehicle specific analysis
  • Reduce project time & risk
  • Anticipate integration challenges and risks

Powertrain testing

  • Powertrain calibration (eAxle, inverter plus motor).
  • Electric motor characterization.
  • Battery characterization.
  • Integration & performance improvement.
  • Durability tests..

Digital Twin development and integration

  • Control units modelling.
  • Digital twin of components development.
  • Control functions development.
  • Hydrogen fuel cell modelling.
  • Development of models or client model extension.

Applications in battery or Hydrogen technology.

Electric Buses.

Delivery vans and trucks.

Light mobility (motorcycles, LCV).

Passenger Car.

Boats & maritime.

Value added

Reduce complexity.

Testing from the office instead of on the road.

Reduce complexity.

Tools to simulate scenarios and cases.

Accelerate the developments.

Avoid design errors and iterations.

Mitigate Risks.

More information available to make better decisions.

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